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Hi from Lance

Hi, welcome to my profile. I'm Lance and the founder of the Free Download Hub. I hope you find the Free Download Hub a useful tool. On one level it is designed to match users with suppliers and developers of free products and softwares. Some of the free software is what they call Open Source Software. Teams of developers and often individuals, freely give to the community their valuable time, knowledge and skills to develop and make available Open Source software for free use. Often it can be better than commercial software. How could it be better you may say. Well, because it is Open. What happens is that communities develop around the Open Source projects and they are able to test it's functionality and security, participate in it's development, and give feedback. I'm personally very grateful to these guys. In fact, this site could not have been developed without them. Most if not all web sites use Open Source Software in some form. Another of the many facets of the Free Download Hub is that it can be used as a great SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) tool. Both Free and Premium members get a profile page which is a great start, however, Premium members also get a number of splash pages to promote their projects and products etc. with. These can be of a commercial nature and the splash pages can be linked to outside sites (this helps your web site's search engine ranking). Not only that, your profile pages are then automatically linked to these splash pages. As you can see, as the Free Download Hub grows, the link-back values should grow along with the natural traffic generation. Done right, more traffic = more $ to you. Anyway, that all aside. I hope you enjoy the Free Download Hub for what ever reason you use it and that you do your friends a great favour by sharing it with them. PS. By the way, if you know of any free software that isn't listed on this site that is able to be legally listed, please do so. It's a win win for everyone.
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